Who makes the most money in Vermont? What are the most desirable skills?

Want to make big money in Vermont? Go to medical school.

This is the clear lesson to be learned from A list of top 25 highest paying jobs in vermont, Compiled by Matt Barwicks, director of labor market information for the Vermont Department of Labor. Members of the medical profession, led by ophthalmologists, occupy the top 11 positions in Barewicz’s list. These doctors earned a median wage of $100 an hour, which translates to $208,000 annually.

Barewicz said the salaries on the list are based on 52 weeks of 40-hour workweek, a total of 2,080 hours.

Physicians dominate the highest paying jobs in Vermont, with the 11 best places on the list compiled by the Vermont Department of Labor.

As a reminder, average wage is the point at which 50% of wages are lower and 50% of wages higher. All median wages on the list are from 2021. All medical professionals are listed at $100 an hour due to survey restrictions, Barewicz said.

“Eventually the network ran out, which is why it can’t be an accurate estimate,” he said. “(Salaries) is somewhere beyond the stratosphere.”