WNBA Style Rankings: Sue Bird wears a stylish image of… Sue Bird

It’s version 3 of WNBA Style power ratings, and trends appear like fashion stars. We had some regulars on this list, and I enjoyed watching the guys embrace the tunnel as a way to show off their streetwear and beyond.

It’s been a few weeks since the summer season. Sunburns are scorching, and the ice cream is melting, so some feelings reflect that. Thank you, WNBA players, for collaborating with some fun looks that give me an intense FOMO and get me ready to hop on a plane.

10. Steve Dolson

Dolson breaks down this list to give us summer accessory inspiration. A scarf paired with these sunglasses gives me all the motivation I need to book a trip to Capri or relax on a boat in the Mediterranean all summer long. Aperol spritz or San Pelligrino is on hand, of course.

9. Azi Magbegor

The ’70s vibe of this Canadian tuxedo is pure.

8. Jonquil Jones

Game day spells are the name of the game here, but what about when a player’s entry method steals the show? Is this worth adding to the ranking? I mean the Onewheel is an accessory at its core, right? Or at least in my complex way of thinking. It makes a statement and makes Jones look cool. Well, this might be open to interpretation as a technique, but the effect is not.

7. Ruthie Hebbard

We’re huge fans of the Luminous Leather Pants and this top. I’ve never had club access during the height of the 2000s era, but I was watching and feeling like an outsider because of the big screen. Hebbard updates it and offers some fun going out inspiration for our special times.

6. Skylar Diggins Smith

Diggins-Smith has become a constant presence on this list, and she leaves us asking, How do we pick only one of her outfits for this arrangement? I’ll need her style secrets because the look is what I’m after: classic but with a twist. Because I only need to pick one here, I’m going to wear a black leather jumpsuit. The suit might scream “Top Gun,” but in this fabric, it’s too cold for the Phoenix’s heat.

5. Diddy Richards

DiDi Richards may not currently be able to play with a file freedom Due to injury, she is ready to help and with a modern look reminiscent of Daphne from Scooby-Doo. She wouldn’t be stuck on the sidelines leaving her saying “jinkies” in this look. Richards makes a serious case for all of us to buy the closest scarf or steal one from Grandma’s closet and decorate it with a short cap.

4. Eric Ogunpoel

If you photoshop Ogunbowale out of that tunnel and onto the runway, I think it was legit. That’s how difficult this picture is. Ogunbowale looks really cool with this top featuring Outkast’s André 3000 and Big Boi.

3. So Bird

It’s so badass and a boss move to wear your face on your shirt. But again, Bird is exactly that. And yes, the only acceptable pairing are men’s pants. Register with us.

2. Destiny Henderson

I instantly pop the “Jaws” theme upon seeing this look, and I wouldn’t be mad if I grabbed a shark and got this bag. Although the teeth may appeal to you, this appearance continues to improve with closer examination. Simply glance at the iconic horror movie faces on the shorts. You’ll need a bigger locker after you’ve collected all of the Henderson pieces.

1. Derica Hampi

It’s as if Elle Woods and Barbie have merged nowadays. The result is Hamby’s spandex/latex combo. monochromatic. Hot pink. stretching. Adding a Louis Vuitton printed basketball bag with a matching color chain is just the perfect little addition. It is an eye-catching and first-class look.

(Photo by Destiny Henderson: Erica Denhoff/Icon Sportswire via The Associated Press)